My Terms of Service 👍

1. I take a 60% non-negotiable upfront payment before I begin any work, and the payment signifies we have a contract and that you have agreed to the offer and my terms of service. And when I am done with the work, I'll send you a preview of the finished work and you are required to balance up to get the full document.

2. Each writing job you bring is a different contract. Please understand that you cannot transfer the terms of one contract to another. Also, note that terminating a contract that is in progress is unacceptable as it cannot lead to a refund. 

The basis of a refund will apply when we did not meet our sides of the bargain (delivery or it is plagiarized above the agreed limit).

3. You are required to:

  • Provide the task brief of your work.
  • Provide a deadline. Unless otherwise stated, it is not acceptable to try to coerce the writer to submit the work half to the deadline.
  • Provide a word count. ( We do not work on a blind word count).
  • We advise you to provide a sample work from the archives of your school to guide us too.
  • Provide every other detail of the work beforehand. Sending requirements after a contract has begun is not acceptable.

4. While I yearn to serve you better, I hope you try to work with me on my terms.  Please note that you are required to give me feedback strictly within one week of my submitting your work to you. After one week, we will mark that the contract has been successfully done automatically, and feedback may become null and void to the contract.

5. Please we prefer WhatsApp chats only. We do not accept calls where the call has to do with describing the job. Do type all the requirements for reference purposes.

Please note that an upfront payment signifies that you accept our terms of service and our contract has begun. We cannot begin your work without an upfront payment.